Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angels in Our Midst: Family

I've never seen an angel, but I've been blessed by some people who sure act like them.  :)  One of them is my twin sister.  She was "there" with me practically every step of the way, before, while in Boston, and even tracking my plane while it was in flight, haha!

I wrote about the support of family and friends, and yes, my friend Kristen came, and my Boss, whom I irreverently call "Fearless Boss" (you'd have to KNOW him to understand!) came and brought goodies and  gave me moral support... But my own family came through.  My sister Nelly called several times, Ilia came to my house and stayed a while, my brother showed up at Mom's to bring a donation (we're holding on to that, since the hospital bill will come and it will be in the thousands, and this will help pay for that).

Eddie's family also came through, calling, offering emotional support, prayers, financial help.  My sister-out-law (she's nice, really!) started a group in Face Book to help pay the surgeon's bill...

I wrote that it is humbling, seeing the support and love and kindness of strangers, and when your own family does that, it just makes me feel blessed.  I *am* blessed!

Thanks for "listening". :)

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