Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Commercials- First Down!

      • Mc Donald's -With Larry Bird- A+  
      • Focus on the Family- Heisman Trophy winner's mom talking about her son- A 
      • Doritos- Dog Collar-A 
      • Doritos- Kid and Mom's date-C
      • Bud Light commercials- C-
      • Coca Cola Simpson-
      • Doritos casket- it's so silly I have to give it an A
      • So-So B
      • Bridgestone- Bachelor Party- I didn't get it.  Seems to be making fun of a movie which I never saw.  Undetermined.
      • It tells a good story. B+ to A-, not quite decided.
      • Budweiser Bridge- It's a good story, but not quite an A. I give it a B.
      • Career Builder.. so-so
      • Dockers pants... so-so
      • Hyundai Sonata with Bret Favre- A
      • Dove for Men... I don't know... B-
      • Budweiser "Lost"- B+
      • Dodge Charger... A+
      • Teleflora.. D- It makes me want to order flowers LOCALLY.  I mean, how do I know that I can trust THEM anyway?
      • Dr Pepper- D- Lame lame lame
      • NFL Full Contact- A
      • Harry Potter's World- so so
      • Flo TV- so so
      • Intel's Jeffrey- B-
      • Flo TV with The Who song- so so

      Right now, we're seeing local commercials, so I don't know what they are showing.  I'll post a link for the commercials so you can see them later.

      Tune in later for the rest!

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