Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Boston and My Son's Heart

I'm getting ready to go to Boston at any moment now.  My youngest son, Honorable Son #2, has a heart condition, basically a valve that is not working correctly.

I don't really like talking about it, but I have been getting ready.  There are no winter clothes to be had here, so I am making myself a hat, scarf, and trying to find anything to layer with.  Same with Son #2.  I'll go to Old Navy and see if there are any warm jackets.

It's difficult to see him walking slowly so that he doesn't get any tachycardia.  The things he was doing just last year, he just can't do anymore, at least for now, until the heart valve gets fixed, like playing drums, climbing trees, running around, literally running around I mean, riding his bike.  He's just turned 17 and it's hard for a boy like him to have to stay put.  At least he can play his guitar and play video games and talk to his friends over the phone and the internet.

I confess I'm scared at times.  I also confess that I have little faith.  I can also report that, in spite of my fears and my little faith, that the God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ is faithful and has been providing everything we need, every step of the way.

Thanks for reading this.


P.S.  This is my scarf so far.  The Man I Call Husband and my DD agree it needs to be wider.


sharecropper said...

I hope that your visit to Boston is very successful and safe. Be sure to wear a windbreaker because the wind makes it colder than cold. I sewed felt inside my hat to keep my ears warmer when I had to travel up there. You and son will be in my prayers. (((((((River Glorious)))))) PS, I saw your note on crochet partners.

River Glorious said...

Thank you for the good advice. I'm not sure what kind of felt you mean, since "felt" for me is the stuff I buy for kids to make crafts with. You must be talking about something else, perhaps?