Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crochet Boston Scarf Completed!

I finished weaving in the ends of my Boston Scarf.  It's no biggy, just made a long chain, about 5 feet long, then dropped that yarn and started with the fuzzy yarn at the beginning, not end of the chain.  I did single crochets all the way down because I didn't have much yarn.

On the opposite side of the chain, I started making half double crochets.  On the second and rest of the rows, I did them in the top loop only of the hdc from the previous row.  I chose a half double crochet because it's the only stitch I could find that looks almost the same in the front as the back, and didn't make the unsightly loop at its feet, like a double crochet stitch makes.

Finally, on the last row, the last stitch, I added 3 hdc and worked my way down the side, 3 more hdc in the next corner, and on the opposite end, where the fuzzy yarn is, I made one row of hdcs, 3 hdc in the next corner, up the side and ending with 2 half double crochets in the corner, and joined to the first stitch.

After joining, I weaved under the next stitch's two loops, and then weaved the tail in the back.  When you weave this way, your work is neater and hardly anyone can tell where you ended.

Having made this, I hope that it 's not too cold in Boston.  Thanks for peeking in.



Jenn said...

Looks awesome River!

Ambar de Mejia said...

Now, model it, River! heee heeeee! Let's see it on ya!

River Glorious said...

Thanks, Jenn... :D

Perry said...

Hi River,

Very nice, and you'll definitely need it. It's cold here in Boston, and quite windy. Bring lots of warm clothes so that you can layer them for comfort!


Thata said...

Love your scarf Enid ;)

jd said...

you'll need this cozy looking scarf in Boston. hope you enjoy. thanks for sharing.

Louise said...

Lovely scarf! I hope it keeps you warm in Boston.