Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crochet Blue Wool Scarf

Just something I am planning on picking up again, some time soon.  The pattern is easy, double crochets in the back loop only will form this ridge and make it look interesting. I have three skeins of this wool yarn, sent to me by my client in New York.  It's rather thin, not quite worsted weight, perhaps considered a light worsted weight.

Thanks for looking.


Anna Renee said...

Happy New Year to you River Glorious! That is a beautiful shade of blue! I love the look of wool especially in sweaters, but unfortunately I'm highly allergic! I've tried wearing blouses under the sweaters--nope! I can't even wear scarves thrown over a jacket. It's sad really.
But there is that fake looking wool! Polyester Yeah!

River Glorious said...

Anna, dearie, I'm allergic, too, but my client sent me the yarn, so am making this for a homeless person over there in the States, since it's no use to me over here. It's really prettier in person than it shows in the picture. So, when are we starting crochet classes, haha!

Anna Renee said...

That is very kind of you! I'm sure the person will appreciate it. If I started crocheting again, then I wouldn't have any time left to blog with you, and that just wouldn't do atall, atall! I'll just admire YOUR crocheting, ha ha HA! ;-D