Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Christmas...

This Christmas, I gave myself a present, a medical necklace. :)  I don't want to be "finished off" if for any reason I end up in a hospital and they decide to IV me with dextrose, so I have a necklace that says what not to give me.

This Christmas, I am not spending like crazy.  In fact, for several seasons now I have NOT been spending like crazy.  I decided, after reading the Bible several times, that it's not God's will that I spend myself into debt every December just because everybody else is doing that.  I think I would rather celebrate His birthday by remembering that this is the fulfillment of a promise, that a Savior would be sent, who would save all mankind who believe on Him for salvation, that instead of paying their debt to God, that God sent His Son to pay it for me and anybody else who wishes to receive this Gift.  God keeps His Word, so I can trust Him!

This Christmas, I am not decorating my house just to keep up with the Jones, or in my case, with the Lopez family.  I have nativity scenes around the living room, and some other decorations, but there is no need to go overboard, is there?

This Christmas, I'm going to sit down to a nice dinner with my family, and I am going to bless each and every one of them, and thank them and tell them I love them and hug them and squeeze them, and well, you get what I mean.... :)

And this Christmas, we are going to have our Christmas traditions:  Christmas Eve we stay home, The Man I Call Husband will read about the birth of the Messiah, from the book of Luke, we will sing, play instruments and have a nice time.  Christmas Day we will visit family and then come home and maybe make some more music, or everybody will probably check their email, haha!

Thanks for reading this.



Pattie Wall said...

Hi River. Thanks for coming by my blog. Do you have a wiener dog, too? I notice it in your avatar. I agree with what you wrote here, that God wouldn't want you to go further into debt. We moved to Kansas from Colorado 3+ years ago, and haven't put up the decorations since. We have been trying to wean others off of 'giving stuff' to us - so we don't feel compelled to 'give "stuff" back'. Another reason we would rather they not do so, WE don't have room for anymore nor do we need it. It seems such a waste. I know you will get lots of mileage in those hugs and lovin's. Happy Holidays!

River Glorious said...

Hi, Pattie. Yes, I had one, but he passed away last year. My husband has one, Jeff Gordon (I know, I know, he's a NASCAR racer, but at any rate I can say I house trained Jeff Gordon and not be lying, haha! What I sometimes suggest to my family is that I am going to give a donation to a homeless shelter in their name, and to choose which one, or something to that effect.

Merry Merry Christmas and Thanks for stopping by!

Grandma Elsie said...

Hey Enid I can post now ...trying to visit a few of my favorite people . Glad your Christmas was "right " .So was mine.i spent it at my daughters house and I was glad to get home , even though they were so kind to me.
I have to get back to knitting now. have blessed new year . I put my Bible verse for this year on my blog .God is so good to me. take are dear friend.