Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have vertigo!  I should be preparing  a cheesecake, but was ordered to bed by the despots, dictators, tyrants, I'm running out of great adjectives to describe the menfolk here.

I'm stuck in my dungeon, er-room!  Held hostage!  Help!  haha!  I should be mixing a cheese cake and pumpkin pudding.  I can't eat corn, and most everything contains some sort of corn, so pumpkin pudding it is, not pumpkin pie.  DD is looking for some extra food because I invited some of Honorable Son #2's friends over, thinking that the turkey was larger than it is.  So, I'll make some Hammentashchens (if they let me) and tostones, too.

Hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful day with your loved ones.  God bless you!


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