Thursday, November 26, 2009

Strange Thanksgiving Without a Table

To have a Thanksgiving, all you really need is a reason to give thanks.  And then, to actually GIVE thanks to God for the blessings you have received, and for the bad things you didn't receive, for the lessons learned...

The Sound Engineer I call Husband had a fit some time ago, and Honorable Son #1 is so like his father.  It was really The Danny Boy who started it.  He took a good look at my dining room table and said it was "dead," "junk" and that he was going to throw it out.  And Dear Husband joined him in his fiendish deed.

I'm only sorry I don't have a picture of the misfit table I had.  Once upon a time it was a new table, much appreciated in our house.  And then, we realized we had been "had".  It was not a solid wooden table.  It was made of a sort of a plastic that looked enough like wood to fool two young lovers (no, we didn't sleep together, I mean it in the old-fashioned sense) who only had eyes for each other and were ignorant of things of these sort.

The first time we spilled something, we realized our table was sick:  it was swollen.  We tried to make it feel better, but it stayed that way.  And through the years and three children and many MANY more spill, the table become more and more swollen.  One day it began to crumble.

The Sound Engineer I call Husband said, "That table is dead, but no one has informed it of the fact."

Some time later, The Danny Boy had his fit, and they both took the old table and sent it to its doom.  Now we have a tiny round table that seats 4 uncomfortably.  It doesn't seat 5, or 6, or 10, which is the number of people here today.  So, the giving of thanks was strange because we were not gathered around the table.  Some of us did form a circle, spontaneously held hands while my husband asked God to bless the food and thanked Him for the blessings of family and friends.  I felt strange that we were scattered throughout the house, no table talk, no elbows in our way, no "pass the gravy" either, just a sort of buffet-style meal.

Still, we had fellowship with each other, and were blessed by our company.  My hair was speaking to me, so I put a pretty handmade scrunchy in it, everybody liked the pumpkin (un)pie and the cheesecake and no one was in any hurry to leave, not even Beloved Mother, who usually wants to go home after about 45 minutes.  Father God, I thank You for this wonderful day!

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