Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Taxation without Representation

As a reflection on a friend's query, which I won't post here because it's a private post, here are my own thoughts:

Perhaps that fateful phrase should once again be ours, "No taxation without representation!" Our people in Congress and in the Senate are hearing our voices, but are dulling out the sincere protests of the people they claim to represent with their own quiet underhanded dealings of money and power.

Stooping to name-calling, such as calling people who disagree with how we want them to use our hard-earned money "unpatriotic" doesn't mean they are.  The media is certainly supporting by not faithfully reporting news.  Instead, they are dishing out editorials and call it news.  It is so easy to say, "We all know that..." and "These few thousand protesters..." when they are closer to a quarter million or more is flagrant manipulation.

I am certainly not being represented-why then should I send my taxes to the government? 

If I didn't have work today, I would certainly write more and better.  I just wanted to share this before stepping into the whirlwind.

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