Monday, November 30, 2009

How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You!

I am allergic to corn.  Without a doubt.  Every time I eat something that contains corn or a corn product I feel awful, my teeth start to hurt terribly, my mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach feel burning and I have a terrible malaise worse than the flu.  Everything literally hurts.  This happened to me today when I drank some Motts apple juice.  I am suspecting it has some corn product.  When Eddie left for work today, I was close to miserable, and when he came back, I was recovering from feeling miserable; now I'm just feeling very bad.

Eddie decided to heat some chicken fingers (blech, what a name to call those things) and fry tostones.  I can eat neither of them because they contain corn starch in the first, fried in corn oil the second.  Eddie's face just fell when I told him I couldn't eat any tostones (fried plaintain, squashed).  I told him that at some point I could perhaps soak them in water to bring out the corn oil if any, and then fry them in olive oil.  So, Eddie exited and I kept on watching a Christmas movie.

Some 20 minutes later, I went to the kitchen to find something edible, and found Eddie frying some tostones, that looked somewhat bloated.  I looked up and the Man I Married smiled at me and said, "I fried some for you!"  I said, "What?  You soaked them and fried them in..." and he said, "Yes, in olive oil.  Just for you."

And, they were delicious!  I feel almost normal, being able to eat tostones.  Next time I'll buy the plaintains and make them myself.

The end of my story:  I told dear husband, 'I'm going to kiss the cook!" and proceeded to do so.  And he smiled with his heart in his eyes, I finally understand that phrase, and told me, "The cook loves you!"

I tell you, I'm keeping this guy!

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