Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Finished Object: Crochet Ribbon Scrunchie

Another crochet FO (Finished Object).  It was never a UFO.  This is really Instant Gratification Crochet!  :D

This scrunchie was made with a ribbon yarn.  You don't want to use fancy stitches because the beauty is in the yarn, not the stitches.  Therefore, in order to show off the yarn, use simple stitches, and the best are either half double crochet, or double crochet.  I prefer the latter.

It's for DD, and I will give it to her when I sew it.  Usually with yarn I only have to weave in the end down to the original knot, knot with that, then glue it.  I only use glue with scrunchies, NOT with the rest of crochet pieces I make.

Thanks for peeking in here.  I would have written "peeking in," but sentences should not end with a preposition.


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