Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Paying Attention to What I'm Crocheting...

causes me to do this:

I'm not using anybody's pattern, just my own pattern for a half-granny square, and then adding single crochet borders and any other combination I fancy...

The edge is supposed to be STRAIGHT!!!  Instead, it looks like, like, I don't know what it looks like, but certainly not like a straight edge.

Jeff Gordon was looking, just in case I had a laser light he could chase; he seems to think that it's some sort of a mouse:

So after unraveling too many rows to mention, this is what's left of several hours of work.  I refuse to unravel any more.  Once I'm done with it, I'll put half double crochet, single crochet along the top edge to even everything out.

This does remind me, though, of mistakes and sin.  You make a mistake, you sin, and there it is, which, unchecked, is off just a little bit, not enough to notice at the beginning.  After a while, it forms a pattern that little by little shows, and before you know it, it's not straight, and you are off-course.  The remedy, in my shawl's case, is unraveling.  And no one will ever know it was wrong; as if it had never happened.

In MY case, when I sin, I ask for forgiveness, to God in Jesus' name, and His atonement, His sacrifice, has eliminated my sin debt.  As if it had never happened.

There is comfort in all the unraveling, if I learned a good lesson.


Anonymous said...


River Glorious said...

Thank you! I'll be working on it tonight while I watch the NASCAR race with my husband. And I'll be making sure I do the proper increases at all the corners, and not only the bottom one. That was my problem.

Cori said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today! It's always a treat to 'meet' new friends. I love this post of yours; such truth! It reminds me of a similar tale about a train. Trains are routed by switches (which you may know). If an incorrect switch is thrown, there is only a difference of a couple of inches. But the train is now on the wrong track and will end up thousands of miles from it's intended destination. So many beautiful lessons in life!

My best to you!

acv2 said...

YOu named your dog Jeff Gordon?!?!?!?!

River Glorious said...

No, my husband did, and I thought it was GREAT IDEA, haha! Yes, so, in truth, I can state that I house trained Jeff Gordon!



River Glorious said...

Thank you, Cori. I was telling the Crochet Partners that I want to be a "Grandma Eddie" when I one of these days... :)