Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More on the Situation on Our Island

People are growing desperate.  A grown man even threw an egg at the governor.  There is much anger and I fear that it can escalate into violence.  The students at our state university, their student council, that is, voted to ??? forgot the word in English.  They voted to boycott classes to make a statement that they are supporting the workers who were fired.

Today I heard on the news about several homes where both parents are now without jobs.  Some pregnant women were laid off, too.  Even a cancer survivor, who went to work even on her bad days. 

I also heard on the news that there will be a national work stoppage sometime next month.   I pray that there is no violence.  This is simple:  You cannot spend more than what you earn, because sooner or later, and it's usually sooner than you thought, it will catch up with you, and you'll have to "pay the piper."  This is a situation which has been accumulating for a few decades already.  You cannot, you MUSTN'T have a bloated government.  Why?  Because it is not a company.  A government does not sell a tangible product.  It provides services.  Therefore, we most certainly cannot spend more than what we take in.  If this were an automaker, the federal government would have made sure they went into bankcrupcy and paid their bills.

I'll spell-check tomorrow.  Well, maybe.  Perhaps.  Could be.  I might.  I might not... 



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Grandma Elsie said...

Enid dear,
I see the Bible being fulfilled every where in this world.
The people are looking to a leader to give help when only our heavenly father can help. But they have turned their backs on God so his hands are tied.
Leviticus 26 tells us that God will bless those who follow him and curse those who don't. Its as plain as day ..We must keep our trust in Him and he will walk us through troubled times ...
Bless you today
Elsie <><