Saturday, June 7, 2008

Early Afternoon Conversation

Eddie bought me a new washing machine. Our old one, which was supposed to have lasted from 13 to 15 years, only lasted 7, and that, having invested an additional $200 to fix it last year. It's a Maytag. It's supposed to last a long time. Well, that darn machine has been nothing but trouble, and the refridgerator, too, which is also a Maytag. Hmph! No more Maytags for me. Two lemons too many.

So this machine is one that is supposed to use about 53 percent less water and 40 percent less electricity. He's been over an hour installing it and explaining how it works, no agitator in the middle, jet ??? something that wets the clothes and turns it over and it's blue, sort of like a car. Suddenly, he places his elbows and arms on it, and, it can't be a hug, can it? and this is what happened...

Ed: "I really LOVE this machine!"
River: "Oh? I thought you loved me!"
Ed: I love you MORE than I love this machine.
River just looks at him
Ed: "Lots lots MORE than the machine!" By now I think he knows what's coming...

River just looks at him and replies: "Let's see how you're gonna dig yourself out of THIS hole."
Looks back at me, and I know what's coming.

Ed: "I'm stupid!"

I'm keeping this guy, for better, for worse, and for keeps!

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