Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wall Triangle Kerchief

Wall Triangle Kerchief

This head kerchief was made with size 3 or 5 cotton yarn.

Using the wall triangle pattern, continue in established pattern until row 11. Then:

Chain 1, and working along the side of the triangle, make a single crochet right at the chain 1. Then, continue working, where each corner meets the edge (notice the purple arrows)

5 double crochet (shell made), single crochet until you reach the bottom corner. Make a shell there, then starting again on up, with a single crochet, continue making shells and single crochets up to the next edge.

Chain 45, then slip stitch back to the corner, slip stitch on top until you reach the next begining corner of the edge, slip stitch in first single crochet. Chain 45, slip stitch in second chain from hook, and slip stitch in ever chain until you reach the corner. Join with a slip stitch and weave in all ends.


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