Friday, May 30, 2008

Early Morning Conversation

River: "I couldn't sleep well last night."
Eddie: "Why? Were you worrying about that phone call you had to make in the morning?"
River: "Yes. Silly, isn't it? I've been worrying about paying for summer school, too."
Eddie: "That's MY job."
River: "What's your job?"
Eddie: "Worrying. That's MY job. YOUR job is to NOT worry."
River: "So, that's my job?"
Eddie: "Yes, I worry. You're job is to worry about not worrying."
River: Big pause while I watch him let it sink it the weird statement he just told me. Then one eyelid opened. "So, what's your excuse?"
Eddie: "I'm stupid!!!" *chuckles* What's yours?"
River: "Mine? I was hypnotised and suddenly, here I am, married and with three children! I'm not stupid!"
Eddie: *winks*

We prayed together after that, for God's provision and our peace. And... People, I'm keeping that guy!

And, by the way, the smilies here at Multiply are dorky-looking. Yahoo's are better.

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