Monday, April 21, 2008

More Expelled!


The Sick Chick said...

I believe in both Creationism *and* Evolution. I think God invented Evolution. Scientists have methods, so why can't he? I'm not convinced that humans evolved, but couldn't he have made "rough drafts" before finding the right formula? I think he also wanted his creatures to adapt and thrive in whatever environment so that's why we have evolution now (it's pretty hard to deny that species are evolving today, but that's just changing to adapt to new circumstances and I think it's a pretty smart thing so probably God invented the process by which it happens!)

I also believe that the Big Bang is just what we call the moment when God spoke the universe into existence. So I believe in the Big Bang, I just don't buy the theory that it happened randomly.

Anyway, that's my take :)

River Glorious said...

Thanks for your feedback! When I became a Christian, I still believed in evolution, sort of like what you described... However, if God had made things to evolve, then He would have stated it in His Word... That's what I believe. I mean, He's told us how things were created, it would be no biggie to Him if He indeed HAD put evolution in place. But, when I read the Handbook, what I see is an instant creation, not an evolving one. The word for "day" in Genesis means 24 hours, not longer.

I haven't seen any species evolving, unfortunately. I mean, take fruit flies. They last, what, days? Hours? Something like that. In half of our lifetime, if anything can be seen to be evolving, it would be insects, because they have many many many MANY, well, you get it, haha! generations where new information could be passed along. But, they are the same. No new information has been acquired. Have you ever checked out It's a great place. So is Another great place.

And, S-Chick, thanks for your take! I like getting feedback from people, even when it's not in accordance with what I believe, because it challenges me and lets me see what others are thinking. Thanks for visiting! :) :) :)