Wednesday, February 6, 2008


From the owner of one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to:

Some of you may have received, or will receive,
an invitation to consolidate all of your group memberships
to a site called Grouply and obtain a Grouply address.

The Grouply address opens any Yahoo group to spam and
gives access to other information about our members.

For purposes of security, we will not accept Grouply
addresses and if you change your Yahoo address to Grouply
you will not be allowed to rejoin CP from that address.

Before we learned of the potential dangers, we approved a
few members who changed, and they will be notified
individually and if we cannot reach you, you will be
banned and you will have to rejoin under another address

Most Yahoo groups are banning Grouply addresses.

List Owner

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Look, if you want to use Grouply, go right ahead.
I don't feel comfortable giving out my Yahoo password
to a company I'm not familiar with, and if someone
unscrupulous wished to, could use it to access my groups.
If you like Grouply, go ahead and use it, and I
hope it works for you.

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