Monday, January 21, 2008

What I'm Working On...

I'm not *really* working on this... it just happens, if you know what I mean. One feels the need to keep ones hands busy... We feel we can't be idle, now, can we? So, when I'm not doing anything and just sitting close to my husband while he watches a race or a game, I grab a jean tote I have and make another Serious Granny Square.

I haven't written down the pattern yet... I did start though, once...Maybe I'll get around to it when I do the next square. I get tired of plain granny squares, don't want to make solid ones. So, I make my serious ones... I think they look a little bit more elegant than a granny square.

So, I'm using up my left-over yarn which I find around my room in the weirdest places! and make up a square. I'll probably send it to Soldier's Angels.

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