Monday, December 17, 2012

Are Watches out of Fashion?

"I don't need a watch, I have a cellphone!"

Are watches out of fashion? I see lots of people without watches. And they seem to always have a cellphone in their hands. There is, however, that iPod Touch, which you can wear on your wrist and listen to your music as well. Eddie told me there are now many colors of watch bands you can attach to your iPod Touch, too.

What got me thinking about these things is Son #1, who came home yesterday from college for Christmas, and had a wrist watch. He doesn't use wrist watches, that I know of, yet, there it was, a wrist watch on his wrist, formerly a watchless wrist.

I myself only wear my medical bracelet. Eddie uses a watch that Fearless Boss sent for him, which, when you press two buttons at the same time, will show you your pulse rate. I have a Bulova that Mom gave me when I was a teenager, gold-plated, not gold, and which no longer works since I had a bad habit of overwinding it. And music boxes, too, I overwind them. I wish I didn't, because I've messed up many music boxes which I liked.

Back to chores for me. Fearless Boss is busy, and hasn't sent any reports for proofreading, so I'm free for a while.

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