Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Normal Course of a Parent

The Normal Course of a Parent, by Ambar Enid Rivera (aka River Glorious).

When you have a kid, you are Smart, Intelligent and a Superhero or Superheroine. This is a wonderful phase where you can even put straws up your nose and will receive laughter, applause, and a "Do it again, do it again!"  You also have Super Powers to morph into creatures, real and/or mythical.  This is in order to chase them around the house and catch them.  By the way, you also know everything.

When they become teenagers, something happens:  You become stupid and ignorant and old-fashioned.  This is also the phase where they are embarrassed by the fact that they have parents.

Once they hit their twenties and are off into the Real World, you become Smart again.  And they even sometimes will ask for your advice.  Don't expect them to admit it until they have their own children.

Unfortunately, your identity as a Super Hero does not re-emerge until you have grandchildren. 

And that's the Way It Is. :)


Lois Evensen said...

Very well said and so true! :)

I always said my goals of parenting were: potty trained, educated, employed. ;)

River Glorious said...


And are they potty-trained?

Kjell T. Evensen said...

Well said and so through.

Regarding your question about the "brick" house in Jamestown, Ohio.
I cannot say for sure, but I think it is made of bricks. Next time we pass by I will for sure check. :-)