Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is what it looks like.  That's not me!

Today I learned what a trench coat is, as opposed to a winter coat or bubble coat.  There are no winter coats to be had here, and all the coats I tried to obtain online were "not available".  I really wanted a leather coat, siince it meant no allergic reaction to wool or some other material.

I bought a cotton trench coat, and it feels sort of thick, like  microfibre or something.  I also got a thin cardigan on sale, plus a matching tank (?) top, not on sale.  I really don't know what to buy for Boston.  I'm the one who has the least warm clothing, so I think I'll buy a sweater to wear over any long sleeved shirts I have and make do with that. 

I'm All Tuckered Out and Done In.  I do not like shopping for clothes I actually NEED, in the sense that the winter clothes are running out.  Have you noticed that "running out" is a strange-sounding phrase, as if the clothes were heading to the door in a hurry...  Yes, I think about these things, more often than you may think.

I didn't make dinner, Eddie bought pizza bagels and I ate a sort of pocket bread roundish thing, which does not contain corn.  The brand is Ezequiel 4:9, and anything with that won't contain corn, thanks to the Lord!  It's a relief for find something I can eat but don't have to make.  I stuffed it with cheese and then heated it.  For desert, I had a slice of cake from a company called AMY'S.  No corn, either, and am also happy with that.

The food is more expensive, but it seems to sort of even out since I can't eat out anymore.  The only thing I can eat on the road is fresh fruit and coffee.

I only need some closed shoes or boots.  The boots I see here are either too high-heeled or look like what I call "hooker boots." Some look like biker chick boots, too.  I need flats, or I'll surely fall flat on my face and then make the headlines as the foolish woman who wore high boots.  Sheesh. 

I don't know if I should take a flannel blanket for AJ.  Did I tell you all that his heart procedure will be done March 30?  We need to come up with about 10 thousand dollars and so far we have close to half!!!  People we know and people we don't know are helping out my son.  Isn't that great?  I'm so happy!  I hope that a man who owes Eddie a few thousand, and another woman who owes about triple that will pay him.  We sure need this money for my boy.  I'm praying that the Lord will release that money to us.  Please pray with us for this.

My hand is cramping so I'll stop now.  Thanks for reading this.


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River Glorious said...

Thanks, Jenn. :) :) :)

♥Caroline♥ said...

hope everything works out...I'll be praying.

River Glorious said...

Thank you, Caroline. I appreciate all prayers for my son. He has a faulty heart valve and the procedure to correct it is not done here in Puerto Rico.