Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Another Sleepy Sunday

Today has been a sleepy Sunday for me.  I didn't go to church this Sunday.  My whole body was hurting.  I think that it might have been last night's Chile con Carne.   I add beans and forgot to rinse them, and I'm thinking that either the salt or some other ingredient they added was a corn product.

Eddie stayed home, too, probably to keep an eye on AJ and on me, too.  AJ's heart was going a little fast, not too fast, but enough for us to want to keep an eye on him. He's fine, but one always wonders if something is going to happen.  I've spent most of my day, either sleepy or sleeping, and Eddie was not much better. 

I've already finished Jeremiah 16 in my Bible.  I don't think it's my favorite book of the Bible, because of the suffering this prophet was going through, but it's God's Word, and His Word is "health to your bones."  I always feel a peace after reading it, when I am truly reading to know Him, not just for duty.

Danny sent us Pathetique Page 2.  It was mostly a practice session, but I'm not complaining.  He was talking and it was almost like having him in the room.  I miss my Danny Boy, but he has improved so much, is maturing and learning so much, that I would not wish him back before it's time for him to come home.  But, I sure miss him!
I have been working on a scarf for one of his friends from church, and just found out she is taller than I thought, so I have to add about six more inches.  If I'm not mistaken, the "rule" is that the scarf should be as long as you are tall.  I wouldn't know.  I don't remember wearing a scarf when I lived in the States.  I only remember a plain jacket, snow pants, rubber boots, and mittens.  No scarves, ever. I'm debating whether or not to add this flower, but it seems to be needing it.  And the button, too, seems to belong there, so it stays.  After this, I'll start on a scarf for my husband.  He has a black neck warmer, but everybody tells me that Boston is very cold, so I would rather he have a scarf, long enough to warm him up.  I think today is a good day for either chicken soup or BBQ skirt steak, and some tostones.  Hope this week is a good one for all of you.


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