Monday, December 14, 2009

Faithfulness to Your Spouse and Pillows


A good marriage needs a good pillow.

I've been reading posts around the net about cheaters, enabling cheaters, "cheatees", and faithfulness.  First, I believe in marriage, I truly do.  I believe in a legal statement, to the world, that two people, man and woman, join in holy matrimony, until death do them part.  That is what I believe, and if you believe something else, well then, you do, and that's it.

I believe that marriage is work, hard work, sometimes.  I believe that in order for you to have a successful marriage, your husband has to woo you just like he did when you were courting (look for the verb), or going out, going steady... :)  I also believe that as a woman, I have to invest the same time and effort in making myself pretty and courting him as well. 

I believe that a good pillow fight is healthy now and then, especially if your husband doesn't HAVE ONE, haha!!!


I believe that if you feel you have fallen out of love with your spouse, that you have to fall back in.  Often, love is a response to love.  If I start loving him, wooing him, and doing things for him that I know he likes and enjoys, then if he loves me, he will respond.  Even if you do feel in love with him, make a list, check it twice, of the things you know he likes, and then start doing them.  Even if "nothing" happens at first, you'll reap what you sow.

Love is a decision you make to become emotionally attached to someone, to commit to that person, to like him or her.  It's a decision.  The emotional tickles will follow, if you are faithful to the comitment and to wanting to make it work.  I can testify to that.

I've read what people call The Love Chapter in the Bible. Go look it up, read it, and then return here and see "my version. In my version, it reads like this:  

1st Corinthians 13:4 

River ('cause that's my internet nickname) is long-suffering
and River is kind ; 
River doesn't envy; 
River doesn't vaunt herself , 
nor is she puffed up , 
5 River does not behave unseemly
River doesn't seek her own, 
River is not easily provoked , 
River thinks no evil; 
6 River does not rejoice in iniquity, 
but she rejoices in the truth; Maybe I live in a fairytale state of mind, but this is what I aspire to, the love I want to bring every day into my marriage. And the pillows? If hubby says I have an unfair advantage on account of hiding HIS pillows, it's just too bad!

If you really want to know what the pillows are for, it for keeping a sense of humor. They are a soft place to land when things get rough, too. And for making sure that if you "hit" your spouse with some, that it's nice and soft, like a pillow, never to humiliate, never to bring down, but to build up, to edify. If your spouse knows that you admire her or him, and that you know that there is no one else like her or him, then your spouse will have that confidence, of being able to hold head up high, safe in the knowledge of a good woman's heart (or man's if that's the case). I thank God that I have a good man's heart.

I hope my little homily has been a blessing to you. I know I needed to read this as much as write it out. Have a great day!


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Thanks, River! It has!