Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Days Are Just Like That

Some days are just like that, aren't they?  You go around in a sort of dream, trance-like, just doing the things you have done every day, and since you have either been trained or trained yourself, then you go through the motions, like a soldier, with your duties.

Then after a long long terribly long day of work, you look up and realize it's only 10 A.M.  That's your cue, that something is wrong, but duty calls and you must continue.

At the real end of my day, I looked at myself in the mirror.  (Why do we do that, anyway?)  And I saw a woman with red cheeks, not pink or brown, but red.  Oh boy, I'm coming down with something, yet again.  It seems that the kids on this street like to share their germs.  And today I had earmarked it for working on my book, but I can't really think, so back it goes, to be filed again, perchance to wait for another day when genius is burning again.  the only thing burning are my eyes and my forehead.  I just realized that FOREhead means the front of the head.  In Spanish, it's called "frente" which means "front" also.  I grow delirious.

Me, I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ that I work from my home, and thus, as the Virtual Assistant that I am, if I want or need to go and lie down for a few hours, most of the time I can.  I am so blessed!

I just wish that I had my little grandmother here to make some sopita de pollo (chicken soup, Puerto Rican style, please).  I would eat a bowl, and just go to bed.  I suppose that when you're sick, you want to be babied, and my!  I want to be babied big time.  But, she is gone, Mom no longer cooks, and The Sound Engineer I Call Husband does not know how to make sopita.  He has many other talents, but I really want soup!  I'll keep him anyway.


Now, if I could only bring the bed HERE!

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