Friday, October 23, 2009

Dangerous Explosion on the Island

This picture was taken by my husband from a balcony at his work, aprox. one mile away from the Gulf refinery.

  At least, I THINK it's called a refinery.  There was an explosion at around 12:30 a.m. at a refinery in Bayamón.  That's about 20 minutes away by car, closer as the crow flies.  It rocked the island and was felt all the way to St. Thomas, one of the US Virgin islands.

My son, the Danny Boy, felt it, too.  He said it was slight, a tremor, but those in Bayamón felt the thing rock the house, as if it were 4 on the Rickter (sp) Scale.

Eddie has been waiting for traffic to go down, but it isn't.  He's close to the airport now and says that he can see a terribly large black cloud coming, from Bayamón.  Also, someone called him just now that the windows at his business are all blown out from the explosion.

THANKS BE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, no fatalities.  I understand that 11 containers exploded, and we don't know why, yet.  Some Fire Marshalls are coming to the island today, too, to help out. 

I've been feeling miserable since I ate those strawberry Pop Tarts, and hope to God that the cloud won't come over here.  You can see some pictures here:

This month has been a terrible month for the island, so many bad people doing bad things.  Perhaps they will pause a bit and think about what is truly important, God, family, life, instead of greediness and power.

Please pray for our island.

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