Monday, March 3, 2008

How to Restore or Repair the Foundation Chain When Unraveled

Some people unravel the foundation chain of their
piece by mistake, and think that they have to unravel
the WHOLE thing. Well, you don't. This can be

Take a yarn needle, or large tapestry needle, thread
it with the end(tail)of your piece and just start
going through the end loops of your stitches.

Make sure that your needle has grabbed or gone through
the two bottom legs of your first unraveled stitch,
from RIGHT to left,

then grab the LAST LOOP of your
previous untouched chain stitch.

It's not as hard as it sounds. Very carefully, WITHOUT
unraveling the good part of your foundation chain,
just loosen it up a little bit. Just a tiny bit, and
you'll see what I mean. Thread your yarn, go through
those two loops of your double crochet (if that's what
you used), then grab the last part of the chain that
wasn't unraveled.

Then go and grab the next two loops of the next
stitch, from right to left, come
around and go through
the chain stitch you just made.

You'll see your chain
foundation forming again.

And, when you finish, just pull gently on it,

so that it stays put and use the yarn needle and your
hands to pull on any large stitch that may have
formed. When you make the edging, it won't show.

Here all ALL of the photos my son took:


and I'm taking you
step-by-step through the process. You don't have to
unravel everything back to the beginning.
Just repair it!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the information. The pictures are not showing up. Picture's or a video would help me a lot.

River Glorious said...

Those pictures are gone forever. They were stored at, which closed over 5 years ago. The Wayback Machine doesn't have it, either. I don't know if I have those pictures stored in an old hard disk, but I'll look and see if I can locate them.